Our Process

A disciplined method of work provides a high-quality service throughout a finely-tuned recruitment cycle focused on ensuring an optimum choice of candidate.

Job Brief

Premea Solutions’ bespoke service encourages a comprehensive understanding of all the Client’s needs, whether articulated over the phone or in person.  Dialogue and company insight provide effective tools for ensuring that we pinpoint your perfect candidate.

Candidate Identification

As professional staffing specialists with over a decade’s experience, we pride ourselves on a formidable range of tools enabling us to swiftly source top talent. We identify both passive and active candidates through our extensive network, obtaining referrals through strategic contacts, operating a rapidly growing database, and utilising social media platforms.

Long-list Selection

Comprehensive use of extensive candidate search facilities yields a ‘long-list’ of job-specific profiles for our preliminary review and analysis.

Shortlist Submission

Our experience and understanding of your industry enables us to provide a shortlist of candidates demonstrating capability and cultural fit.

Interview Process Management

Premea Solutions collaborates closely with our clients and candidates to ensure a smooth and  efficient interview process. Both parties are provided with feedback and are kept up to date at all stages.


A second opinion is always valuable before you consider welcoming a new face into your organisation. We offer a comprehensive reference service to reassure you on your decision prior to extending an offer.

Offer Negotiation

Our consultative approach can facilitate achievement of an amicable arrangement for both client and candidate.


Premea Solutions liaises with both parties to ensure start dates are adhered to and provides support, where needed, with the onboarding process.

Post Placement Engagement

As our aim is to create the optimum long-term alliance between client and candidate, Premea Solutions will engage with both parties after the start date to evaluate how our target has been achieved.