General Farm Manager

The group is a prominent and prosperous export fruit producer that cultivates cash crops under sprinkler irrigation as well as nuts on a commercial basis. 
There is a processing plant on the farm that processes the nuts and prepares them for the export market.
The company needs the services of a candidates for this position must be experienced project managers / farm managers who have more than 10 years of management experience at senior level. 
Within the context of the size of the farm, the candidate will ideally have practical knowledge of the cultivation of nuts or similar crops (such as stone fruit) in a mixed farming setup. 
These include labour management, knowledge of plant protection practices, irrigation, on-board spraying programs and the professional delivery of products to the market through a nut processing plant. 
An after-school qualification in agricultural management or crop cultivation, or a BSc. / BAgric is ideal. 
A good general knowledge of labour relations legislation, discipline, leadership, the ability to work in a team and manage conflict, good communication skills, a high level of work ethic and ethics, as well as sound practical business judgment are essential 

Key performance areas include but are not limited to the following: 

Production Management 
Financial management 
Human Resource Management 
Training and development 
Asset management 
Environmental management 
Safety and Security 

The successful candidate must have the following behavioural skills: 

Interpersonal skills 
Conflict management 
Coaching and mentorship 

Competitive remuneration package in accordance with applicable qualifications and experience is offered. Fringe benefits include on-farm housing, membership of a provident fund and medical scheme
Contract: Permanent
Jobs available: 1
Location: South Africa

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